Sara is a career child welfare worker turned career mama. After having their first child, Marian (Feb 2017), she realized her true calling in life was to mom and mom hard! Sara resides with her husband, Blake, and daughter in West Omaha. They are expecting their second child, Henry, August 2019. Sara is a Nebraska transplant from Iowa while Blake grew up in Bellevue, NE. She has a professional background in child development, psychology, and human services, and puts these degrees to use every day in raising her children. Sara is a staunch believer in only being able to care for others when you also care for yourself. When she’s not momming, she can be found reading books from a book club she co-leads, cooking, or crafting.
child maltreatment

Is it Child Maltreatment:: Things to Consider and More

Moms continuously choose between a world of safety vs. risk. How do we keep our children safe while allowing them to fail, get hurt, and learn from experience? Because of our improved perspective on...

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Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Sara

Omaha Hi Mamas! My name is Sara Hoogeveen. I couldn’t be more excited to begin sharing my personal thoughts and journeys with you via Omaha Moms Blog. I feel utterly blessed to be connected with...

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