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Omaha Moms Blog is written by and for moms who live in the Omaha Area. We strive to be the best local parenting resource providing families with information and helpful resources. We also want to connect families to our community through events and relevant content provided by our team of local writers.

Safety and Swimming this Summer with Diventures in Omaha

Swim. Scuba. Travel. Gear. Omaha may be smack in the middle of the country, but that just makes its residents love water all the more, right? You might have driven by Diventures, a 12,000-square-foot...
Donut Shops Omaha

Omaha Donut Shops + Bucket List

Ahh, donuts…or doughnuts! However you spell it, they are the quintessential pastry that are universally loved! And who else needs donuts more than the moms in Omaha? Here's our list of incredible Omaha donut shops...
omaha takeout

Takeout Guide for the Omaha Mom:: Map and Great Food!

Is it no surprise that you can't spell "great" without "eat"? While we socially distance from one another, we've realized that we need takeout more than ever. After all, mama has been homeschooling all...
Omaha Easter Basket

Shop Omaha :: Easter Basket Ideas from Babies to Middle School

We have partnered with some incredible local Omaha shops to bring you these amazing basket offerings. By the way, did we mention we're giving these away? In order to have a chance at snagging...

Out of School for Whatever Reason:: Ideas for When You’re Stuck Inside

Hey Omaha mama! Are you pandemic-induced homeschooling? Or is the kids’ school out for spring break? Or maybe you are homeschooling family and just need your own version of a spring break with your...
Omaha Birthday Party

An Omaha Birthday Guide:: Get Ready to Party!

Omaha birthday planning! When planning a party there are a lot of things to consider. Are you looking to host in your home or let someone else worry about the set up and take down? We have you covered with lots of ideas for all stages of planning!

Omaha Moms’ Family Fun Guide to November Events

There are many November events in Omaha to choose from! Whether you're looking for a local Turkey Trot or browse a local craft fair, Omaha Moms Blog has curated a guide to all of...

Falling for Gratitude :: 30 Days of Gratitude – A Journal for Mama and...

Fall is upon us, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are swiftly approaching. This time of the year, ideally, is intended to be about gratitude and giving thanks. But it is...

An Omaha Mom’s Step-by-step Guide to the Zero-Waste Movement

The average American sends 4.4 pounds of trash to the landfills every single day. Only 9 percent of waste is recycled. There are many manageable steps moms can take to slow down this plastic pileup....

Pregnancy and Infant Loss — Forever Loved and Never Forgotten

October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. As a community of mothers, we know of the grief that surrounds this very difficult topic and we hope to encourage conversation on the matter....

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