Megan was born and raised in Omaha; she tried to go "away" for college but it only took her about 2 hours west to Hastings College. After graduating and not wanting to get a "real job" she pursued graduate school at UNL and finished with a Masters in Child Development. She began working as an Early Childhood Program Evaluator and eventually met her CPA husband, Dan. In July their lives changed when they welcomed two beautiful baby girls, Mackenzie & Savannah. After more than 9 years in her professional position Megan left to stay home and currently considers her position as the "Keeper of Chaos" in the household to be the most important job she'll ever get the privilege to have. When she's not chasing after newly crawling twin babies or figuring out how this whole mom thing works, she enjoys the small things: a drink on the porch, walks with her family, roaming Target alone, candy bar lattes, and listening to audiobooks.

The Play-date Paradox–Is it Just Me?

Play-dates are a way to break up the day, keep the kids busy, get a little break, and get some adult interaction, right?? I'd say all of that is true, but I'm finding, for...
date night

Date Series:: Staying In–Not Your Ordinary Date Night

Date Night!   I always love hearing those words and the idea of what they bring: a much needed break; time to not JUST be parents, but to come together as a couple again.  Buuuuut, with...

Breastfeeding Wardrobe Must-Haves

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a fashionista--I take pride in dressing for the occasion, whether that be a holiday, a wedding, a themed party, or just looking good for date nights. Well, my...
mom perspective

Perspective: My Most Powerful “Mom” Tool

I’m a super planner so I’ve always got emergency diapers and clothes in the car; I over-pack the diaper bag with activities to keep my nearly 2-year-olds entertained if we actually go out to...

Who Needs Privacy Anyway?

  Privacy, privacy. . . Who needs it? Not me! That’s because I’m a mom of three. But the number doesn’t matter, it’s being a mom that makes this true. Somehow everyone else, (including dads), are immune.   My...

The Single Baby Side of Life

I am a mom to twin girls and one baby boy. As I reflect on the differences between having twin infants as opposed to a single infant, I can't help but appreciate how much...

Tax Season: Confessions of a CPA’s Wife

New Year's Eve: for most people it means resolutions and celebrations. For me, it signals the start of tax season and my husband being MIA for the next three months. Every year I mentally...

Will I Be Enough? Three Kids Two and Under!

When we found out I was pregnant, we laughed.  We realized we'd have 3 kids under 2 years old! Nothing about growing our family has gone as we'd planned so of course as we were making plans to wait to add to our bunch, God laughed.

Family Get Togethers PLUS FUN!!!

when I reflect on it-we've had many family get togethers in the last few years that have included added fun because of some simple games. And, its become another way to not only engage but get to know each other better


Momsomnia (def): That time in the middle of the night when a mom wakes up and her brain all of a sudden decides it's time to go into overload and think of any and every single thing she couldn't get to or think about during her day chasing children.

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