Lauren is a 30 (and some change) years old mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, outdoor enthused, coffee infused, crunchy, Pinterest junkie, Amazonaholic--the most appropriate title depends on the time of day! She and her husband Neil have three daughters, Savannah (4.5), Harper (3.5) and Paisley (4 months). They enjoy small town living with big city entertainment by living on the outskirts of Omaha in Louisville, Nebraska. She works as a full time mommy and daycare provider by day and a part time social services/medical records assistant at a nursing home by night. Neil is a food services director for public schools, and it seems that the girls are preparing for careers in persuasive negotiating. Growing up she never thought much about having kids other than "someday" wanting to dabble. Now that "someday" is here, being a parent is her number one passion. However, it can be a lonely and overwhelming place at times, so she enjoys being able to share the trials, tribulations and joys of mommyhood as a Omaha Moms Blog Contributor!
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The Baby Making Factoy Is Closed

I have loved every stage and babyhood was absolutely indescribable, however, I enjoy watching them bloom into beautiful young ladies.

Being a Holiday Mom Without My Holiday Mom

December 12th, 2014 is a date I will remember just as much as I remember her birthday. It is the day my Mom's worldly journey ended. Just a couple weeks before Christmas.

Aging with Grace

While driving my children home from the (best) zoo, I glanced at the back of my hands gripping the steering wheel. With the way the sun hit them, I saw them in a completely different light. My years started flooding back to me in full force. I realized at that very moment that I was not afraid to show my age.

Facebook the Scrapbook

Legacy: a thing handed down by a predecessor.  I have come to terms with my Facebook account (among other social media entities) being a part of my legacy.

The Conditional Minimalist

As Moms we work hard, we play hard and (who are we kidding) we buy hard! How many times have you not really needed something until you browsed the good ole buy/sell/trade (bst) universe or Amazon's black hole of Prime Day Deals?!

Becoming Selfish

We are in the middle of eating supper and my oldest daughter asks me for a bite of my food. My immediate answer is no. But, really my immediate answer is always "no" and...

Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Lauren

Omaha My husband and I moved our family (of four at the time, five now) to Omaha from Portland, Oregon about three years ago for a job and to be closer to his family in...

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