Kim is a California native living in West Omaha. She and her husband, Ben have three kids - Levi (4), Addie (2) and Millie (3 months). They have been living in Omaha for 5 years. Kim is a former army officer and met her husband while they were both on active duty and they have been married for 9 years. She has a passion for fitness and training women of all stages of life. She is a pre/post-natal fitness specialist and runs her own business where she helps women navigate their fitness journey through classes and workshops.

“The Mommy Tummy”:: Understanding Diastasis Recti

When it comes to diastasis recti (DR), there is a wide range of understanding and emotions. Some reading this may have never even heard of it, some may have only heard of it, and...

How to Workout at Home with Kids:: Creative Ways to Fit it in

“I’m just going to do a quick 20-minute workout while the kids play.” Two hours have gone by. You’ve broken up two fights, consoled one toddler, applied a Band-Aid, changed a poopie diaper, cleaned...

The Pelvic Floor and Its Importance

“Wait! You mean is my vagina?” I remember when I finally discovered where my pelvic floor actually was, and I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that I was in my thirties and had experienced two...
Postpartum Body Recovery

Postpartum Body Recovery: After the “All Clear” (Part 2 of a 2 Part Series)

A postpartum woman receives the "all clear" at the six to eight-week appointment with their OB or midwife. She's told she can resume any activity she wants. What does that really mean when it...

Breastfeeding and Returning to Fitness Postpartum

I write this I’m only a few short weeks away from my third presumed breastfeeding journey. I’m acquainted with some of the struggles of nursing, but I am unsure of what is in...

Postpartum Recovery: Before the “All Clear” (Part 1 of a 2 Part Series)

Postpartum care for women is lacking in the United States. Most of the emphasis on health during the six to eight weeks after birth is on the child instead of mom’s health despite...

Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Kim

Hello! My name is Kim Porath. I am a California native who married a Nebraska boy, and now we call Omaha our home. Omaha My family has lived in Omaha for four and a half years and...

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