Kelsi is a small-town girl at heart living in what her dad calls ‘the big city’. She is a wife to Joe and mom to girls, Harper (3 year) and Kollins (9 months). She has a chocolate lab named Rollie who can prove to be the most high-maintenance of them all. Besides being a wife & mom Kelsi works full-time at a local non-profit. In her spare time, she loves traveling around NE visiting family, Husker game days, friends, drinks and patios.

The Magic of Music

  Music It’s something that is still prevalent in today’s world but seems to be taken over more and more with electronic games and television. Music is a passion of mine. It is a way that...

A Happy Hour You Need, Mama

Being a mom in Omaha is great. We have a great group of mamas around us that give support to one another. There are always fun family activities going on around the metro, too,...

They’re Watching You, Dad

Father’s Day is almost here. It is a special day to celebrate and remember all of the fathers out there. I can't imagine being a dad is easy. They have so many expectations to...

Raising Girls to Break Societal Norms

Boy on the brain I grew up with two brothers, and my husband had two brothers. Naturally, we were assuming our first kid was going to be a boy. We were pleasantly surprised when the...

The Working Mom Life

The Life Every morning it’s the same routine: wake up to no alarm clock but instead the jabs of my 1 year old poking me or slapping me across the face. “Maaa-ma”. The three-year old...

Pump with Love

When my first daughter was born, the labor and delivery were not at all what we were expecting. A long labor--turned c-section--wasn’t really the delivery I was hoping for, but we got our baby...

Easy Weekend Get-A-Ways

Do you ever just need out? I'm not talking about the stir crazy feeling you get at home after your kids are running around with their little heads cut off. I'm talking about that...
mentor omaha

The Power of a Mentor

As moms & dads we are put to the test when it comes to raising kids. What is right, what is wrong, how you should show empathy while also sticking up for yourself, include...

Grateful for Grandparents

I was lucky enough to grow up 10 miles from both sets of grandparents and even had my Great-Grandma in my life until I was 17.

Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Kelsi

I’ve lived in Omaha for about 7 ½ years. It took me a couple of years, but now I truly call Omaha my home. I love that you can get anywhere in 15-20 minutes and that every week there are trendy new restaurants and businesses popping up on every side of town.

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