Jenny is a fifth generation Nebraskan. She is a true city girl and has lived in Omaha for 15 years of her life! She loves meeting new people and having real conversations. In her day job, she leads a Christian ministry -where she helps college students develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus. She has been married for over a decade and her husband and her have two amazing girls. In her free time, you will find Jenny navigating the new world of being a school mom, exploring area parks and trying to show up for people in a non-judgmental way (there may also be some reality tv involved).

Anxiety is a Gift:: Learning This in the Midst of a Pandemic

The week of March 15th was rough for me.  I had been following the news of the coronavirus spread around China, South Korea, Washington, and then like a bad movie; it came to my...

Live in the Present:: Regret After Surviving the Flu and Sick Season

This winter, my family had particularly rough month health-wise. I had a nasty cold that took me out for a week. My kids had not one... or even 2... but 3 rounds of what...

A Hack for Post-Holiday Sales Shopping:: Making it Work

You've gotta spend money to make money.  I know this is a business mantra, but it is absolutely true when it comes to sales shopping. Every year, I use post-holiday sales to stock up...

Grandma’s perfect Sweet Dinner Rolls:: A Foolproof Recipe

  The smell of freshly baked sweet dinner rolls makes my house feel like home. There is something about it!  Sweet dinner rolls are sweet, yeasty, and savory all at once. In my adult life, I...

Grandma’s Sweet Roll Recipe

Grandma’s Sweet Roll Recipe - Sweet dinner rolls are sweet, yeasty, and savory all at once. Let me assure you that this sweet dinner rolls recipe is foolproof.   - Sweet Rolls: yeast ((any kind...
Fall Adventures

Fall Adventure in Omaha for the Entire Family:: A Bucket List

Fall Adventures Near Omaha Fall brings crisp cool air and the need for a cozy sweatshirt with your favorite leggings. Fall brings with it certain smells and traditions. Fall is the leaving behind of the...

Getting Ready for Back to School: A Drop Zone Makeover

School worksheets, art projects and activities to put on the calendar. Pictures to order, fundraiser to sign up for and field trip permissions to sign.  This is my back to school reality.  Soon it...

The summer before Kindergarten:: An Ode of Hope Before School Starts

The summer before kindergarten... will savor the moments—cherishing their littleness while marveling at how they got so big. The summer before kinder, you will wonder how this little person who depends on you for everything...
Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School:: Swim Progress Paradise

It is the time of year where I start to dream of the beach and the pool and hot summer days. Summer seems so close but yet so far away. It is also the...

Girl, Stop Apologizing is here! A book review

I am a bit of a Rachel Hollis fan. I watch her morning show (on Facebook and Instagram at 8 CST) most mornings and listen to her podcasts on my commute across town. But it...

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