Hi I’m Jamie. I’m originally from Aurora, CO. I moved to Nebraska to attend Hastings College to where I ran into my husband while running on the Track Team. I have my Ph.D in Economics and work at the University of Nebraska at Omaha as an Assistant Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Economic Education. As a professor I teach economics to college students and research economic education and financial literacy education. As the Director of the Center for Economic Education I get to work with the Omaha and surrounding area K-12 teachers and teach them how to teach economics and personal finance in a fun and engaging way. Economics has a bad rep and I’m here to change that! We have two kids--my daughter Vella is 3 1/2 and my son Brook is 9 months old! I have a fur baby puggle named Rodgers (the Wagners are cheeseheads). We are a family that loves the outdoors and being active!

Easy Window Cling:: Rainy Day Craft Activity for Kids

As the cold turns to warm days, I get so excited to be outside, but there are always those rainy days where I'm not exactly sure what to do—yes, I love a good movie...

10 Things I Hate about Costco:: A Romantic Comedy

I hate that I have to show you my Costco membership card when I walk in.Isn’t it obvious that I’m a member?!  I’m wearing my Kirkland leggings with my 32 Degrees sweatshirt that...

Give Your kids Some Credit This October–Credit Awareness Month

October isn’t just about fall colors, PSL, or Halloween, it is also credit awareness month! While you may think your kids are possibly nowhere near ready to get a credit card or apply...

How I learned to be more productive with my time with tips!

A friend of mine jokingly (but in a serious way) calls me her most productive friend.  I take it as a compliment and really do think of myself as someone who is quite productive.  As...
Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Bingo

As parents, we want to make sure we set up our kids for success. One way to help make sure our kids are ready for success and the real world is to help make...

A new way to become selfish—financially selfish

You’ve probably read about taking care of yourself and making sure you put yourself first.  In fact, writers for Omaha Mom’s Blog have written about it here and here.  I’ve even written a post...
mom fraud

Hey Mom—Do You Feel Like a Fraud?

Do you ever feel like a fraud—like you’re the only Mom who doesn’t have her stuff together?  Or you’re one Baby Shark replay away from absolutely losing it?  Is your motto “Fake it ‘til...
Nebraska Council Economic Education

Nebraska Council on Economic Education {Non-Profit Feature}

If you’ve ready ANY of my posts you’ll know how much I love talking about economics and personal finance.  It is something close to my heart that makes me thankful I am in a...

Lessons to learn from an Allowance

There are many ideas about allowance.  Some parents refuse to give kids an allowance because they are supposed to provide for the kids. Other parents just give a weekly amount of money for the...

Thinking About the Tough Stuff

I am probably on the worrier side of things. I generally follow the motto of plan for the worst but hope for the best. For me, I will think about what we’re going to...

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