Jacqueline is a wife and a loving mother to two lively kids. Alongside taking care of her family and working full-time in healthcare, she is a real estate investor and a personal finance writer for Parent Portfolio, aiming to help other parents build wealth. She manages the finances for her household and her small real estate business. She has been featured in Business Insider, USA Today, and Ladders.

Eczema:: Our Battle and Journey to a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

For as long as I can remember, eczema has played a part in my life. As a young adult, I accepted that it wasn’t something I would grow out of anymore. I came to...
Mother then, Mom now

The Mother I Wanted to be Versus the Mom I am Today

Before becoming a mom, I held many ideas of the kind of mom I wanted to be for my children. I looked forward to the beauty motherhood is said to bring into your life...

Three Steps to Practice Positivity

I truly believed that I was a “glass half-full” type of person. I still believe, overall, that I am, but if I’m being honest with myself I must recognize that I can see a...

Tips for a Successful Weekend Getaway

As much as I enjoy living in Omaha, I try to visit other places at least once a year. I truly am fond of learning about the history of other cities and finding spots...

Three Reasons to Love Working Outside the Home

Working mom. Those two words put side by side can be interpreted in many ways. It describes every single one of us since being a mom is a 24-hour gig. Even when we are...

Happy National Hobby Month!

I tended to do well in the sciences and mainly focused on those courses in school. But, at home, I had a mother who was always dabbling in different hobbies. Little did I know...

What I Learned About Love From my Divorced Parents

Five years old—that is how old my firstborn is right now. When I was his age, I finally started to comprehend what it meant to have divorced parents. Before I started Kindergarten, my mom...
time saving tips

My Top 4 Time Saving Habits

Even before I was a parent, I was the type of person who knew exactly how long it took me to get from Point A to Point B. It doesn’t matter what day it...

Celebrate Your Pharmacist in October

For fun, I ask my son what he wants to do when he grows up. The fun isn’t necessarily in asking the question but in the suspense of what his response will be this...

Date Series:: “Dayte”–A Date That Occurs in the Daytime

It’s not very often when we can escape for a few hours and enjoy a classic date night. There are several pieces to the puzzle to pull off a successful one at that. There...

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