Erika resides in Midtown Omaha with her husband Chris and their three kids, Macklin, Everly and Henrik. She has a background in early childhood education and child development. She enjoys long walks down target isles, eating raw cookie dough out of the fridge, attempting to craft, and embracing the chaos of motherhood.
Omaha December Events

Omaha Moms Guide to December Events

Oh what fun! The holiday season is here. Omaha has many activities to offer to put you and your family in the holiday spirit. If you're looking for holiday events to keep you busy,...

Taking Cold Brew Coffee to New Heights with Elevated Aspect

Something happened to me over the summer that I did not see happening. It was an impulse purchase at the grocery store on a hot summer day. At first, it seemed innocent, almost trivial....

This Too Shall Pass:: Wise Words for Difficult Time

Moms have a way of giving the very best advice without it coming off as advice. I often use my mom as a sounding board. She's the best listener. I am grateful she doesn't...

Worry and Anxiety from Information Sensationalism in Our Kids

Don't look now, but your kids are watching. They're listening. They're taking it all in. And it may be causing worry and anxiety. Our kids have been through the wringer this past couple of months....

The Ease of Gifting a Gourmet Meal:: Burgers’ Smokehouse

I think back to when I was a bleary-eyed new mom looking at my new baby. The last thing I was thinking about were meals! What a blessing and a half it was to...

Diary of a Wimpy Mom

It’s no secret that motherhood has a way of changing us. From the moment we learn of our expecting baby, our hearts begin to convert and our bodies begin to prepare. As moms, we...

Omaha Moms Guide to March Events

If you close your eyes and imagine your toes in the green grass and a warm breeze blowing through your hair, you can almost feel spring coming! While Omaha may not look like spring,...
Omaha November Events

Omaha Moms Guide to November Events

November is here! November seems to be a month of transition. Our weather in Omaha starts to really crisp up and our sidewalks are filled with colorful, crunchy leaves. The cold of winter is...
Omaha September

Omaha Moms Guide to September Events

September brings the anticipation of cooler weather, while still being able to leave the house without a jacket! As you start gearing for fall, be sure to check out the exciting events happening in our metro area.
Omaha August Events

Omaha Moms Guide to August Events

Looking for things to do in August? We have organized a list of August events happening all around the Omaha area!

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