The Break-up:: Toddlers, Their Security Blankets, and More Questions

Breaking up is hard. Breaking up can be messy. Have we not all gone through it at some point in our life? Although now, as a parent, at what point do you influence a...
12 day challenge

Rise to the Challenge:: 12 Days of Nutrition and Exercise

Competition is in my blood. It's been there from the time I was a little girl. The challenge is still in me. As a former Division I and professional athlete, I enjoyed competing. The grueling...

Neighborhood Hospitality: Nebraska Nice

Don't be so quick to forget who we are. Do you not remember last year at this very time what Nebraska was up against? We are Nebraska Strong. We are Nebraska Nice. With recent events keeping us all...

American Football Day: Interviews with Omaha Area former-NFL Wives

Guess what y'all?! American Football Day is an actual thing... and it’s HERE! American Football Day is annually observed on November 5th. It celebrates one of the United States' most popular sports: football. American Football Day...

Unexpected and Uncommon Gifts: Take the Challenge to Write

Timeless Treasure My husband and I have known each other for nine years. Roughly two months after we met, I knew he was the man I would one day marry. The day I woke up...

Comments Over People:: Getting Past Our Entitled & Opinionated Culture

My Experience Most days, I wake up realizing we don’t have food to eat. Food did not magically appear overnight as I hoped. I do what I did the day before and fed them Hawaiian...

Serving my Family Like I Serve Others:: Sandpaper Lessons in Parenthood

My husband and I recently joked about not being invited very many places. The conversation kind of went like this, “Hey, remember when we were first married and we used to get invited places...

Slow Down:: Finding Your Speed Limit When You’re Going Too Fast

We live in Bennington. And if you’ve ever been out here, you most likely took one of two ways: Highway 36 or 168th Street. We take both. But this particular day, I was driving home...

Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Danielle

Omaha Hello, hello! My name is Danielle. I was born and raised here in Omaha. I grew up in a family of six kids: my mom being from a family of ten and my dad...

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