Catherine is a stay at home mom to Henry (2015) and wife to Alex. In her spare time (yeah, right!) Catherine enjoys gardening, decorating, and reading. In her LBC (Life Before Child) Catherine was a TV Reporter. Originally from Chicago, Catherine and family are happy to call Omaha home. They live in West-O with their Maltese, Austin.
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I Left My Heart in Omaha

Travel with kids.   It’s one of those phrases that evokes an emotion in nearly everyone.  Maybe laughter, maybe tears, but everyone knows those two words can go together like nails on a chalkboard. Sure it’s...

Choose Hip, Hip, Hair-ay! for Your Next Haircut

I find it slightly ironic that I’m writing about kid haircuts because I waited until after my son’s second birthday to get him his first haircut. However, his hair grows like a weed and...

Great Places to Hike in Omaha

As spring finally appears in the Midwest, many of us cannot wait to get our kids out of the house and into nature. Nebraska has many fun nature gems for kids to explore. Here...

8 Ways to Celebrate Mother Nature with Kids

  Dirt. It’s probably my nearly 3-year-old son’s favorite word. With all the rain lately, I’m sure his next favorite word is soon to become, mud.   There just seems to be something about being outside that...

Organizing the Chaos

I’m a bit of a neat freak. I enjoy organizing. Not just having a home for everything and knowing where it is, but the color coordinated, super pretty (super time-intensive) organizing

Perfecting the Pumpkin

It’s more than just pumpkins, it’s fall. I love this time of year.  Fall seems to see the end of summer and say, ‘woah, let’s slow down a bit.’ The crazy rush of plans and travel usually (hopefully) slows this time of year, and friends and family gather together inside to enjoy each other’s company.  

All the Single Mamas

A large percentage of my friends have husbands who travel multiple times a week for work. I cannot even begin to fathom what that is like. The exhaustion I feel at the end of a trying day is nothing compared to what so many of you deal with as a regular part of your life.

Facetime : Unplugged

Quick... where's your phone? If you're like me you're reading this post on your phone and it's already in your hand... Phew!   If you're really like me you're currently "pinging" your phone with your Apple Watch... It was just here...

Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Catherine

Hi, I'm Catherine, mom to Choo-Choo-obsessed Henry (who just turned two!) and wife to Alex! I'm a nearly 30 (but not quite!) stay-at-home mom who loves going on adventures all over town with my...

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