I grew up in Omaha and met my husband, Tommy, during our college internship. We’re OPS kids who now live in Elkhorn with our 3 girls- Evelyn, Annabel, and Madeline. In my former life, I ran a marketing/web design business for 7 years. Now, I work part-time at Absolute Roofing and run my own blog at I’m passionate about Jesus, marriage, parenting, fitness, food, and people. If you have a crazy idea for a blog post, there’s a good chance I would probably say “yes”.

Ground Rules for Pranks For Kids (And Pranking Your Kids)

Pranking within a family is fun. It's a lighthearted way to connect and express creativity. Anyone who has followed us on social media has seen our shenanigans. The kids prank us and we prank the kids. It's...
Ultimate Guide Hiring Nanny

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Nanny

We've had our fair share of caretakers for our kids. From in-home daycare to nannies. I've come to realize that when you're hiring a nanny, you really want to find someone who most closely parents/cares...
surviving family drama

3 Rules for Surviving Family Drama During the Holidays

Want to know what drama is most attracted to? Family gatherings. I kid, sorta. When you get a group of people together who have varying lifestyles, opinions, and convictions it could be great!  Or it could be...

Stranger Danger Safety

I have a theory. The way Disney used to create movies portrayed villains in an obvious way. Ominous, dark clothing, creepy voices, and accompanying creepy music. It would be hard for anyone not to discern...
Never Look at 9/11 Same Again

Why I’ll Never Look at 9/11 The Same Again:: Visting the Memorial

Where were you on 9/11/2001 around 9 am? I was in high school at homeroom in the cafeteria when one of the teachers walked through the door and said, "We're under attack." I spent the remainder...
Introducing Cam

Omaha Moms Blog: Introducing Cam

Omaha Hey Party People, my name is Cam Vacek and super stoked I made it into the Omaha Mom’s Blog writing team. Omaha is home to my husband and I and our 3 girls. We...

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