Becka is an Iowa native who moved to Omaha in June 2015. She is one half of a higher education couple, a mom to identical twin boys (Avery and Elliot 2014) and two sassy wiener dogs (Nora and Knox). Becka enjoys the craziness of twins and the unpredictability of each day. Even with three degrees, most recently a doctorate in higher education, she continues to find herself googling things like “pachycephalosaurus + herbivore” or “excavator vs digger.” With two very energetic and curious preschoolers at home Becka enjoys the peacefulness of her daily commute to Lincoln where she is a coordinator in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy. Becka loves being outdoors in her garden, on the lake with her family, or sitting on the patio with a friend. Her kryptonite is diet coke, peanut m&m’s and a kid free Target trip.

5 Tips for Planning A Birthday Party For Little Ones

As a birthday party manager for a local kid's gym, I have hosted over 300 children's birthday parties! It doesn't matter if you are holding your child's birthday party in your backyard or at...

Writing the College Essay:: Tips for the High School Senior

It is the fall of your child's senior year of high school, and that means it is college application time. As someone who reads hundreds of college honors essays each year, I'm often asked what...

A Day in the Dirt: For the Sake of Learning

Learning in our backyard is one of the most powerful tools during this time of restricted travel and playgrounds and pools being closed or limited. Now is the time to find entertainment and learning...

Kindergarten Roundup: Questions and Answers from Omaha Moms

It is kindergarten roundup season in our house! I will have two identical twin boys entering kindergarten this fall, and as a first-time mom of school-aged children, I am filled with anxiety and lots...

Preparing for your College Kid’s Return Home for Holiday Break

When your child comes home from college for the first long break, it's going to be a bit weird. It will, no doubt, be an adjustment for both you as a parent and them...

Husker Game Day: Hacks and Hints

When I moved to Nebraska three years ago and started working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it was evident that this state loves football. In fact, more specifically, they love Husker football. According...

Let us Toast to the Parents of Preschoolers! We did it!

This age, four years old, is the exact place I thought I would never see. For so long, I couldn’t see past the age of two, and most days, I was so deep into the...
Fourth of July

Fourth of July Fashion:: Festive, Functional, Patriotic, & Practical

  I am a sucker for a good theme and if I can organize an outfit around that theme—count me in! I am the mom who loves dress-up days at daycare, who has a tub...

My Vasectomy Story:: Taking One for the Team Written by an OMB Dad

A few months ago I was snipped and sterilized. That’s right—I got a vasectomy. After the dust settled of having identical twin boys, my wife and I decided that we were done having children. Before meeting...

Daycare Series:: Daycare Partnership

Your relationship with your daycare should be a partnership. A partnership that works together to enhance and support your child's learning. My partnership with my boys' daycare has been evolving with time. Our partnership...

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