Angela Jeck

Angela is the mother of two, Seamus (6) and Maggie (4) and also step-mother to Isabella (15). She is married to Dustin and lives in the southwest Omaha area. She grew up in northwest Omaha, and graduated from UNO. With an education degree, she taught in the public schools for three years, worked in higher education for a while and now works part time from home teaching English in the mornings. This allows her to stay at home with her kids. In her spare time, Angela enjoys reading, writing, knitting, gardening, and cooking. She loves Omaha because it is the perfect place for a family while also having a great offering of art and culinary experiences.
4 Tips for Starting Vegetable Seedlings Omaha Mom

4 Tips for Starting Vegetable Seedlings

Now is the time to start seedlings for your summer garden! Do you want to try out your green thumb and grow some vegetables this year? If so, the time is here to start seedlings...
Easter Extravaganza at Lauritzen Gardens Omaha Mom

Easter Extravaganza at Lauritzen Gardens

If you have not been to the Easter Extravaganza at Lauritzen Gardens, set aside a morning or afternoon to take your family. Kids of all ages will enjoy the scavenger hunt through the garden, looking...
Four Ways to Welcome Spring Omaha Mom

Four Ways to Welcome Spring

Happy First Day of Spring! Also known as the spring equinox, today is one of two days during the year that the sun shines directly above the equator, resulting in approximately equal times for...
Three Things to Know If You Are Adding a Dog to Your Family Omaha Mom

Three Things to Know If You Are Adding a Dog to Your Family

Are you considering adding a puppy or rescue dog to your family? In July, we added Sadie, a German Shepherd puppy, to our family. As excited as I was, I was also a bit apprehensive...

Navigating Our First Grader’s Experience with a Bully

We are in the situation that every parent of school-aged children dreads: My first-grade son has become the target of a bully. The situation started subtly at first, with a few incidents of not-so-nice comments....

12 Places to Buy Gifts that Give Back this Holiday Season

The holidays are different this year. With so many people going through hardships, I thought of ways to give to good causes. One way to do this is to buy gifts from places that...

Omaha Mom:: Introducing Angela

Omaha Hi! My name is Angela Jeck. I have lived in Omaha since I was ten years old. Originally, I am from Wyoming, and we still make it there frequently to visit family and enjoy...

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