Alexie Herrmann

Alexie was born and raised in South Omaha. She's lived there throughout her adult years as well. Alexie is a single parent and her time is mostly spent working from home and taking care of her son, Nikola. She is passionate about Accessibility for people with various Disabilities, including her son and herself. On weekends you'll find her at all of the Farmer's Markets. As a self proclaimed Geek and Nerd her free time is most often used reading, researching her special interests, or binging the latest superhero/sci-fi shows.
How I Became An Advocate for my Son Omaha Mom

How I Became An Advocate for my Son

My son has had health issues since birth, but it wasn't until later that we found out about his disability. I specifically remember him being a sick newborn in the hospital and having to...

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