Diventures Adventures:: Swim Lessons and Beyond

We love to swim as a family. We enjoy leisurely things like jumping into the pool, playing Marco Polo, and  “Dad throws kids into the water.” My older kiddos have done a few years...

Six Spring-Themed Picture Books

I love children's books. Those that get brought out at only certain times of year feel even more special, don't they? I have six spring-themed picture books to share. These have stood the test...
Baking sugar cookies with kids

Baking Sugar Cookies and Kids::: Is the mess worth it?

November 18, 2016. This story takes place in my kitchen. The previous night was our local Christmas light ceremony. The warm weather brought 3,000 people instead of its usual 300. Thus, sugar cookies were gone...

Seeing People in Need: one way kids can make a difference

It’s November. Thankfulness is at the forefront of our minds, and rightfully so. We use this month to remind our kids more than ever how fortunate we are to have things in excess:...

It’s Just Right! Chore Continuity Tips for Mama Bear and Her Cubs

There is nothing quite as naive as a parent with a new chore chart. Do your eyes take on a new sparkle at the idea of your children actually contributing to the cleaning of your...
Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Lattes:: The Modern Day Method of Keeping Traditions

Fall officially began this year on September 23rd. When does it begin for you? When sweaters are added back into your clothing rotation? Perhaps it’s when the familiar trees around you start to change color?...
summer adventure

Relishing the Dog Days of Summer:: Ideas on how to have a Summer Adventure

How do we thrive during these dog days of summer when it’s Do we hide from the heat? Do we embrace it? The option is yours and I’ve got a few easy ideas...

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