Turning Two…Terrible or Terrific?


I blinked once, then twice, and my little miracle turned two. I was seriously emotional about this turning of age because well, my “baby” was more of a little person then a “baby”. Growing way too fast with several opinions of her own, I miss the rolls of chubbiness, the snuggles, being able to carry her against my chest without getting winded! But, there was barely enough time to sit and savor her upcoming birthday before I was plagued with the following questions, “What is the theme for her party?” and “How are you going to handle the terrible twos??” Seriously?!  

Her Daddy and I went all out for her first birthday because we were not just celebrating her turning one, but we were celebrating our family of three which took ten years to make!  (future post in the making) We decided that the following birthdays would be kinda “chill with just family”.  Well, 60 family members later and we had a bash!  We chose her favorite thing-Puppies-for the theme of her party and focused on the kids.  I’ll tell you straight up right now, I’m no Pinterest mom, but I love a good theme! Think kiddos eating out of dog bowls, “adopting” puppies, pup-cakes, and playing fetch.  No fancy cake table or chic handmade decor hanging on the walls, no face painting or $10 gift bags for each attendee. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, but we just focused on food, fun, and family. Besides, she was only turning two and really had no interest in the party. She just wanted to play! With all that said, I just want to give you permission moms to take a break from planning the “perfect” Pinterest party and just enjoy the day with your little one.

Now, unto the “terrible two’s” question. How am I going to handle it?  Well first off, I’ve decided I’m not going to pre-determine that this age is going to be terrible.  In fact, I’m going to embrace the sass and possibly react with some of my own, watch her range of emotions and give her the words to understand what’s going on, and finally, I’m going to join her on every adventure as she begins to explore and question this BIG world.  Now I know there will be some “terrible” times ahead, but wouldn’t it be great if we started determining that the twos would be terrific?! Let me know how you got through the “terrible two’s” and the terrific times you had with your little one! 

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Born and raised in Omaha, Kassandra has a heart for her city and loves that she can call it home. After ten years battling infertility, she and her husband of 14 years, Nicholas, have a beautiful feisty little firecracker named Eloise (2015). Kassandra formerly taught preschool for 15 years and decided to leave teaching in a school setting to help her friend start up "The Wonder Nook" (a space of creativity and wonderment for all ages) When time allows it, you will more than likely find Kassandra somewhere writing, dreaming, doing.