Bake a Rainbow Cake:: Amirah Kassem’s Book for Crumb-Catchers


I call my toddler a crumb-catcher.
Wherever he goes, he somehow manages to spark one tornado of a mess to the other. As a third born, though, he has a severe case of FOMO…especially when it comes to cooking or baking in our kitchen. (Have you ever taken a tornado to help you bake in your kitchen?)

So what’s a toddler to do?

My older kids come naturally to baking and cooking since, culturally, that’s what I’ve grown up with. We found kids’ cookbooks and books about food in the dozens for the older kids, but none for my 2-year-old who desperately wants to be included. Well, Amirah Kassem is going to break the piñata wide open! 

A Pop of Color:: Amirah Kassem

Amirah Kassem
Photo Cred:: Henry Hargreaves

So who is Amirah Kassem? She is the founder of the specialty bakery FLOUR SHOP, artist, and bestselling author of the book The Power of Sprinkles. She grew up baking and sculpting with her mother in Mexico, where she discovered an appreciation for fine ingredients—and mastered the art of multisensory experiences.

From her curly locks to our heritage, I have indeed found my spirit animal in Amirah Kassem. She profoundly GETS me. In a world of muted neutrals and shiplap, she comes bursting forth in sparks, sequins, and, of course, sprinkles! And sometimes, parenthood comes with a lot of mundane and a whole lot less fun, which is why you need someone like Amirah.

Amirah Kassem Bake a Rainbow CakeRemember when you were a kid?

Did you ever ask yourself what kind of parent you wanted to be? I’ll tell you right now that it did not include a clean minivan, going to bed at 9PM, and having a bowl of Grape-Nuts to stay regular. As much as I like being the parent that’s structured, there is something to the magic of simplicities—simplicities like sprinkles. And this is where my crumb-catching toddler and a cake intersect.

Amirah Kassem Bake a Rainbow CakeSprinkles for the Crumb Coat:: Bake a Rainbow Cake

All of Amirah’s cakes need a crumb coat to have sprinkles stick to them; apparently, my toddler’s just like this. I never stopped to notice this. I’ve always kept him from even looking at my kitchen! Which is why I love the concept of Amirah’s book so very much. She introduces baking concepts through her new interactive and imaginative book Bake a Rainbow CakeIn this exceptionally original board book, we create our rainbow cake creation…without the use of a hot oven! This is precisely what my crumb coated toddler needed…a dash of sprinkles to remind me that he, too, is absolutely magical. 

Need Some Sprinkles for the Older Kids?

 Amirah’s newest book is excellent for the process and reading for the younger crowd. Still, her other book, Magical Land of Birthdays, is a great adventure book for your older child! Especially for that girl with curly hair who loves everything Lisa Frank (I have one those)! It’s a fantastic read-aloud for your kids that aren’t ready to read independently as well. 

Make sure you end your reading adventure on a fun note and bake one of the cakes from her cookbook, The Power of Sprinkles. You can’t just end without, well, sprinkles!

Amirah Kassem Bake a Rainbow Cake
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