Meet the Owner

Photo by J Sallenbach Photography
Photo by J Sallenbach Photography
What does a mom do with school’s uncertainty looming and a baby who refuses to sleep—all while holding it together with a broken bobby pin and a prayer?
You cut your hair, paint your living room, and buy a business—obviously!

I am Sara Frohardt—the new owner of Omaha Mom.

This is a bittersweet moment.
On the one hand, I am so excited to be a new business owner. I can’t wait to learn an entirely new process and continue growing our amazing community.
None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Genevieve, our founder. She built this community with so much love and embarks on a new adventure on the East Coast! The powerhouse team of contributors she established, the executive team she led, and her impact on Omaha is recognized and celebrated in a significant way.
Genevieve, no matter what your mailing address reads, you will always be an Omaha Mom!
As a kid, I was never one to keep a journal, but I made many lists. Aspirational goals and life plans brought me comfort to know I’d move beyond my rural Iowa town.
I appreciate and love my hometown, it taught me more than any school could have.
My love of community, helping your neighbor, and the importance of having grit are all valuable life lessons my hometown taught me. But from a very young age, I knew I was destined for the city—something more.
I recently came across one of my aspirational “to-do” lists, and it caught me off guard. Among the typical 12-year-old life goals of owning a convertible, living on your own in a city, and have a family, was “own your own business.” Ironically, I found this list as I moved boxes out of my husband’s home office into my “new” home office space!
I got emotional.
I was able to check off each item on that silly list I made 22 years ago. I’m living the life my 12-year-old self imagined!
I’ve held many different titles, personally and professionally: wife, mother, manager, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and now—business owner.
I am passionate about Omaha Mom because I believe in what we stand for. We are built on a foundation of respect, integrity, inclusivity, and excellence. We empower mothers to be the best versions of themselves through our genuine content, events, and community. We love Omaha. We are Omaha Mom.