Meet the Owner

Photo :: J. Sallenbach Photography

Genevieve is the owner and founder of Omaha Moms Blog. She was born in Michigan, raised in Iowa, and calls Omaha “home”. That makes her a midwestern girl at heart. After graduating from The University of Iowa, Genevieve was determined to get out of Iowa and spread her wings. After 10 years of living on the east coast (North Carolina) and then the west coast (California) all this midwestern girl wanted was to move closer to home!

Genevieve is wife to Jim and mother to Jeremiah (2013) and Arielle (2015). They are a family that works hard and plays harder! Even though the adventures maybe a little smaller with a family of four they still happen. You will find them hiking with kids on their backs everywhere from Olympic National Park, Yosemite, to our very own Fontenelle Forest. They love to explore and find new adventures all over Omaha. Whether they are finding a new donut shop, a new running trail, a new playground, or the zoo, they are out living life.

Shortly after moving to California for Jim’s job, they had their first baby. Becoming a mother in a new city, a new state, and no family and friends within driving distance was a very difficult transition. Genevieve learned first hand how important having a “mom tribe”, or a “village” is to be a mother. We need that companionship, people to build us up, shared knowledge and someone to tell us we are doing a good job. Genevieve wants to help moms by encouraging fellowship with other moms and by sharing useful resources to improve their day to day lives. It is her hope to inspire an online and offline community that when needed cries together, celebrate together, at times falls down and then rises up together!